Ive decided to start concentrating on the hair on the birds. The small/long hairs that create the birds are interesting. The hairs blend together and create pattern and shape. The layers of hair that create the birds is fascinating and i want to explore and experiment this.  This is going back to my landscape images and how the colours in the landscapes slowly blend into each other, but instead i will be looking at the hairs blending into each other. This will be good for my embroidery work, as i can experiment with different styles of lines with hand/machine stitch.

more planning...

I felt this week i was struggling. Although I had artists that inspired me, i felt like i wanted to move away from the idea of landscapes and focus on the colour, blending, lines and layers. I started thinking of things in nature which had similar colours and i came across birds. The blending, layering and texture of colour that can be found on these creatures is interesting and i would to expand my research on them. I will investigate the line, fine detail, layers, textures and colour from the feathers and hairs on the birds. This week i will take a trip down to Manchester Museum and look at the birds there. I will also research other birds from the library, internet etc.

Drawings from landscape.

I started playing around with colours from the landscape and letting the colours bleed into one another when i was using water colour and seeing how it turned out. The colour i am looking at are quite bright and remind of colours i would find in nature. This could be another aspect i could look further into from this.

Emily Felderman.

Emily Felderman is an embroidery artist, who uses small stitches to create such loud textiles pieces. I like how she using coloured stitches and blended them together. She changes the fabric by creating this layer of stitch on top which i find interesting. This is similar to my images where the colours create layers onto of eachother creating such beautiful pictures. Her work is quite abstract which i like. Maybe the idea of layers and blending maybe something i could focus on.

Kimberly Conrad.

Kimberly Conrad is a fine art artist. Her work is based on abstract landscapes. I feel her pieces seem realistic as though you can feel the heat or weather in the images due to the colours she's using. I like how her middle image is in linear structure and the colours blend perfectly together.