Royal Exchange.

The Dome

This knitting sample was done with an e-wrap. I  like this sample as i feel i have captured the shape of the dome. I could try and doing this on a bigger scale.

Anette Streyl
Whilst doing my knitting workshop and trying to produce a dome with knitting, I came across a very fascinating knitting artist that knits architect. Her name is Annette Streyl. Her work is based on knitting famous landmarks in Germany such as Great Hall in Berlin,Palace De Republic and many more. 

Her work was very interesting as she looks at knitting in 3-D. As i have tried producing the shape and structure of the dome, i could try and produce a 3-D version of it. However it may be difficult to produce but i could produce it with a certain knit stitch called the wedge stitch. It creates a circular shape.

Here is a sample of my wedge stitch, however is it quite difficult to do as i keep dropping stitches which leaves holes in my wedge.