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For my project, I decided to look at the Royal Exchange Theatre. The architect inside and outside the building fascinated me and made it clear why I should look into this. To start me off on my project I took some pictures, rubbings and live drawings. Throughout my sketchbook I feel I have made it clear what I am looking at and how I am getting from a-b. I started looking at the dome in the royal exchange; the pattern, colour and design of the dome interested me and this got me investigating into this. I started looking at the shapes inside the dome and the colour and developed a pattern from it. I experimented and developed using different media such as acrylic, pencil, black pen, yarns etc. With my yarns I started to knit and actually create a section of the dome. Through my sample sketchbook you can see how I developed and eventually got the shape of the dome in the end. I feel as though I have taken my workshops into consideration and I have developed pieces that relate to my project. I feel as though maybe I am just looking at the obvious and need to be more of a spy and look deeper into my project. I could do this by maybe looking at artists that relate to some of my work or not to look at things literally and look at things beyond the obvious.
I feel as though the drawing workshops have really helped me and pushed me into being more confident in my drawings. I have used these drawing techniques back into my own work such as the blind drawing techniques and layering using different media. All my ideas have been original, however I want make my work more unique but I need to do this by more experimenting and developing. My ideas are concentrating more on the shape and lines however I feel my ideas are all over the place, I need to start focusing on one point and concentrate. My contextual reference is poor; I need to start looking at some artists as they could help me into developing my work a bit more. Looking through other people’s sketchbooks was really helpful, and there feedback was useful, as I now know what I need to focus on. The style and layout of peoples work was different and has given me ideas for my current and future projects.
At first I did have a fear of using white paper, and that’s the reason why I jumped into looking at the colour. But as I started doing the drawing workshops and we focused on more black and white media which made me more comfortable with working with a white page. I was quite scared in showing other people my work, as my style and ideas are different.  From looking at other peoples work and there advice back I feel more confident and I need to continue what I am doing and keep developing and experimenting in my work.

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