Sampling Evaluation.

In one of my lectures i came across an artist called Fernando Brizio where he based his work on chance. I like this idea. His idea was to let felt tips leak into a porcelain mug. This is where the magic began. I looked at Calculated and Chance. This project was challenging and useful. It helped me become stronger in many ways such as looking at colour, the colour workshop was very useful they taught use how to use gouche paint. The sample and drawing workshop using different tools was helpful as ive never done anything like that before, and techniques like this will be very helpful in future projects.

For my workshops i picked knitting intermediate and print. I learnt many new things in both workshops. I felt for my second part of the project i struggled, as set ideas didn't work or go according to plan. I felt as though in both parts of the project i didn't focus on one set idea, i like to experiment and explore new ideas.

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