Fyodor Golan

This designer was mentioned in the Matthew Willamson talk, they won the fashion fringe competition. This collection is called Flowers of evil, they focus on the growth of flowers and nature.We've been thinking of ideas that are focusing on process and change so this might help? I like the simplicity of their work and they've used processes which were focusing on such as hand embroidery and laser cutting.
Fluid shifts and the designers sultry signature floor sweeping gowns were blanketed with laser cut silk, Circles each one individually hand sewn on, whilst intricate embroidered flowers crept onto gauzy tulles with a burst of colour, coursing from canary yellow, poppy red and emerald green through to purple and fuchsias, revealing and ccncealing the body lending texture and a sense of drama throughout. 
Jewel encrusted spines sparkled and twisted up backs, whilst couture techniques were combined with modern, high tech-methods of laser cutting and leather engraving reapplied onto net and black duchess satin to create organic shapes on the body. 

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