Unit x has been a very exciting project and i would say i have gained quite a lot of new skills from this task from working in a group to improving my Photoshop skills. I thought working in a group for this project may have been difficult but i felt our group worked really well together, we corporated and understood each other well. Working in a team gave me an insight of how others worked and this improved my people skills. Each person from our group came from a different textiles background as some had main strengths in hand embroidery, dye, machine embroidery , Photoshop etc and i felt this combination worked well together and this helped me become stronger in other areas in textiles.

As our group project was on slow is beautiful, hand embroidery fitted in perfectly and i decided to go down this route. I tried to create the mould that was on the red brick by hand embroidering. I also had a chance to make some short clips of my work to show the growing and developing in my work. Although i found it quite challenging making the clips, i quite liked making them and this has brought a new set of skills to me which will be useful for upcoming and future projects. My individual work reflected back into my group work and this can be seen in our end final film.

I felt like we all struggled on the end final film as we had lack of knowledge on how to make a film, but we survived and still managed to produce an incredible film. Overall my group were fantastic to work with and we produced a significant amount of amazing work which will be seen in our end film.

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