Story board ideas

This is a progression of our first story board ideas. Our group finally came up with a final story board for our inital video. We wanted elements of our samples that were growing and decaying, but we didnt want it to look as though we tried to stick everything in so we had to make it flow. Weve been playing around with some of our videos and we came up with an idea to start with the idea of breathing as it would represent growing in a way. will the audience get the meaning of our video?.. This is a list of possible ideas that could be in the final video...

  • Breathing - Vincent breathing fastforwarded and slow version- start with this?
  • The projection of breathing onto the body
  • Stop motion sample-growing and decaying? Dissolvable fabric piece? Fit this to the beat of our music
  • We could show samples dissolving in different angles
  • Projection work, beccie or vincent piece?
  • Flashing samples-emphasis on music so fits to the beat
  • Dance film piece of beccie
  • samples of emma- on the beat flashing
  • Dissolvable pieces- arm or bowl?
  • Drawing video fast forwarded- maybe flashing photoshop images
  • elements of manchester
Once we came up with these ideas, we had to try and figure out whether the audience would make sense of the video, as we knew what our idea was it was easier for us to understand, so we had to make it understandable for everyone else. We want the video to be simple but effective!

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