Influences and Inspirations task.

During my holidays i started to get interested in artists that focused on line and looked at different ways of creating them, from textiles artists to fine art drawings. I researched into artists such as Andrew Kenny, Emily Felderman and Caroline Andrieu. All these artists use lines but in there specialist areas. I wanted to somehow combine line and colour together for my project. Artist Emily Felderman has done this in her work, where she used small dashed lines of colour stitch to create such an effective but simple piece.  Caroline Andrieu is a fashion illustrator, her work is fascinating to look at. Although she only uses fluid and delicate lines and adds a touch of subtle colour sometimes in her work, her pieces look realistic and seem like photographs. Andrew Kenny is a designer that hand and machine stitches linear patterns onto fashion garments.

This is a selection of my landscape images from holiday. 

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